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Annandale, MN Living Room Remodel

Arranging the look and feel of your living room is important, considering the length of time you spend here and how guests will at least see your living room-if they don't see any other part of your house. The living room showcases your sense of taste and luxury, so this is a good room for considering your personal style, as well as the function it's going to serve (i.e. TV placement, seating, decorations, lighting).

First of all, paint color is an essential part of your living room aesthetic. But also, your overall vision should be accounted for, in case you need any walls removed or added, or if you'd like to add built in cabinets or shelving.

Perhaps a lamp on a side table is enough for you to see when it gets dark, but consider the possibilities for improving your living room with accent lighting, ambient lighting, or task lighting. Don't forget that windows produce light in the daytime-you might want to add one or two.

Living room flooring is more or less a tradeoff between ultimate comfort or ultimate style. Plush carpeting is a great choice for a soft, comfortable floor that will stay warm in winter while allowing you to walk barefoot and sink your toes into the fibers. Hardwood or laminate are good choices for a stylish look that's durable and easy to clean.

There is nothing quite like a fireplace, especially on a cold, winter night. Whether you would like to have your existing fireplace updated or converted or you would like one added, there are plenty of options for heating methods, chimneys, and surround and mantle styles. You can have a traditional wood burning fireplace, or you can go with a more convenient gas or electric fireplace if you choose.

Try not to forget about the details. Our custom woodwork can give you trim and other accessories that can add extra flavor to make your living room look more alive. Stylish stained or painted trim work, wainscoting, and crown molding, as well as shelving and cabinet additions, can really elevate your living room remodel to that next level.