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Kitchen Remodel Annandale, MN

Have you ever walked into your home or a home you're considering buying and were immediately put off by outdated cabinetry? Outdated kitchen accessories can completely change the look and feel of your home. Whether you're looking for ways to increase comfort in your Annandale or Minnesota home or considering selling, you could benefit greatly by turning to the home design experts at RFE from Annandale, MN.

The roots of RFE began with building custom kitchen cabinetry. With over 35 years of experience, there's no kitchen project we can't handle. We know the new trends, and the tried-and-trues; whether it be a traditional cabinetry or eclectic shelving, you'll love the finished product!

Woodworking is our specialty; 35 years of experience in custom cabinetry means that our team has the knowledge and the expertise to build you the space you need.

  • As a design-build company, we work directly with each of our clients to maximize their layout and their budget for each project- no two kitchens are the same. Our clients can select their preferences every step along the way, from custom insets to traditional styles, all the way down to the finish hardware.
  • Set your kitchen apart with a statement island, two-tone upper/lower cabinets, or luxury features such as countertop appliance garages and paneled large appliances (hidden refrigerators, dishwashers, etc.).
  • Custom cabinetry means you'll be maximizing your space. Pre-fabrication cabinets are extended with filler gaps in order to fit the floor plan, which across an entire kitchen, just a few inches between each cabinet can mean you loose an entire foot of space in total- the equivalent of a full cabinet. We work to make each cabinet functional to maximize storage, meaning that you have tons of space for all your kitchen needs. Our cabinets offer the option of pull-outs to increase user accessibility, and extend farther than their pre-fab competitors to emphasize functionality.
  • Our material is thicker and more durable, our sizing is flexible to fit your space instead of pre-determined dimension options. We are cost competitive to big-box store alternatives, yet the quality and craftsmanship of our cabinets will last generations to come.
  • Raymond Family Enterprises was started in the cabinetry business; our team has seen the trends, and knows the tried-and-true design choices. We've built eclectic floating shelves, and installed traditional cabinets.
  • We know what will work in your space, and what will bring it to the next level. Want to show off your dishware with glass-view uppers or open shelving? Need to maximize space with storage but not feel boxed in? Want an island that functions as a statement piece but offers functionality? How about hiding that ugly toaster in an appliance garage, or covering the dishwasher to really make the kitchen seamless?